A Simple Adventure Brought about by a Change of Scenery

Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash

My first year of college will be over in five days and it has been the worst thing ever and most wonderful adventure simultaneously.

I’ve moved a dozen times in my life, but none of the destinations were up to me. College was the first time I got to choose a place I wanted to call home.

Coming into college, I had the expectation that I would have a very normal experience: football games, Greek life, intramural sports, the collegiate American dream saturated by two colors, a few chants, and dozens of activities that turn a campus into an all inclusive resort.

My natural instinct to go against societal norms is stronger than I thought. Yes, I love my school and all the traditions that come with it, but I am not one of those people who can go all in.

Rather than plugging in on campus, I found myself drawn to the things around, and beyond, the perfect little bubble.

Day trips became a fast friend of mine and I still find nothing more exciting than grabbing a couple friends and a laptop, heading to Austin to see a gallery, try a restaurant, or work at a different coffee shop for a bit, but the most exciting part of this year was making a little city in Texas my new home.

Finding a job that I enjoy, grocery shopping on Sunday, and working on things that I’m passionate about between classes.

I find the most joy in life when I romanticize simple things like Saturday morning farmer’s market trips, getting to the point that I have regulars at work, and having a favorite booth in a local coffee shop. Little puzzle pieces that come together to form the first pieces of my independent life belong to me and the little family of friends I have created.

Being away from the place I most recently moved as a child also helped me appreciate it in a new light and look forward to returning for the summer and planning little day trips to explore things I never wanted to before.

When I graduate, I’m sure I’ll have cabin fever from living here and be itching to move to a new city, but for the next couple years, I think I’ll stick around.



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